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Northern Conference for Wildfire Resilience

The conference was a collaborative, working conference hosted by the Bulkley Valley Research Centre to bring together key local players to promote a collective response to partnerships, practices, policies, and planning paradigms that will increase the resiliency of Northern BC’s forests and communities to wildfires. The NCWR participants came to consensus on the need for a new approach to wildfire management. Additionally, key provincial government officials committed to a landscape-level planning pilot to increase landscape wildfire resiliency.

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Featured Research

Upper Bulkley and Morice Water Sustainability Views

Led by Ian Sharpe BSC., MSc.

In the Upper Bulkley and Morice basins of the Skeena watershed, climate change and human induced stresses are contributing to the degradation of aquatic resources, including salmon populations. It is apparent that collaborative efforts to better manage and adapt to these stresses are needed. This...

Seminars & Workshops

Seminar Series: Logging Differently for Wildlife

We are hearing more and more about an imminent paradigm shift in forest management in BC. What does that mean, if anything, to our harvest practices? Join the discussion on how industry and government are looking into expanding alternative logging regimes in the north and how this fits into resilience and landscape planning. Critical attention will be given to species at risk management, while we examine specific block-level strategies. Different types of partial cut systems will be presented as management tools, with examples from long term studies at the Date Creek Research Forest about the benefits of partial-cutting to a wide range of values. While pressure is mounting from a timber supply and wildlife habitat perspective, expectations are growing for foresters. Learn how some local players are leading by example.


Upcoming Seminar

Logging Differently for Wildlife

Wednesday January 29, 2020  12:00pm-1:00pm

The Old Church - Smithers, BC

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