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Northern Conference for Wildfire Resilience

The conference was a collaborative, working conference hosted by the Bulkley Valley Research Centre to bring together key local players to promote a collective response to partnerships, practices, policies, and planning paradigms that will increase the resiliency of Northern BC’s forests and communities to wildfires. The NCWR participants came to consensus on the need for a new approach to wildfire management. Additionally, key provincial government officials committed to a landscape-level planning pilot to increase landscape wildfire resiliency.

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Featured Research

Upper Bulkley and Morice Water Sustainability Views

Led by Ian Sharpe BSC., MSc.

In the Upper Bulkley and Morice basins of the Skeena watershed, climate change and human induced stresses are contributing to the degradation of aquatic resources, including salmon populations. It is apparent that collaborative efforts to better manage and adapt to these stresses are needed. This...

Seminar Series: Aspen ecology and management in the U.S. Southwest

Quaking aspen (Populous tremuloides) is an iconic species with a range extending across much of North America. In the US Southwest, near the southern end of the species range, sustaining aspen populations has been a challenge for decades. Ungulate browse is a major limiting factor for regeneration success while biotic damaging agents play a role in overstory decline. I will talk about strategies for successful aspen management in the US Southwest, threats to those strategies, and current research and monitoring efforts.