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Upcoming Workshop: Ethnobotany

Learn how to identify plants and different uses for plants with Dr. Carla Burton!

This two-day workshop involves a morning introductory lecture on Ethnobotany followed by a “how to identify plants” lecture. 

We will be using devil's club to make salve and fruit leather. Once finished, participants will can the salve in jars to take home. 

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Featured Research

Whitebark Pine Restoration

Led by Sybille Haeussler, PhD, UNBC, Smithers

The BVRC, led by Sybille Haussler, PhD and BVRC member, has been restoring endangered whitebark pine ecosystems in the mountains of northern BC since 2011. 2018 is anticipated to be the largest cone crop since 2007.

Because the pines are dying from the white pine blister rust, good cone crops occur intermittently and it is essential to undertake as large a collection as possible. The goal for 2018 is to collect 1 million seeds.

Seminar Series: Drones and Natural Resource Management

This presentation will cover the landscape of drones in natural resource management, including regulations, technology, applications and the evaluation of derived products. New Regulations from Transport Canada coming into force this June will simplify and reduce restrictions for flying drones. This could enable drone technology to be applied to many elements of natural resource management from enhancing situational awareness by gaining an aerial perspective of a field site all the way through detailed survey and mapping.

Seminar Details

Upcoming Seminar

Drones and Natural Resource Management

Wednesday March 27, 2019  12:00pm-1:00pm

The Old Church - Smithers, BC

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