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Centre hosts a videoconference of FORREX Webinar “Cumulative Effects of Natural Resource Use in BC”

Monday May 30, 2011  -

1188 Main Street (Centre Office) - Smithers

The Bulkley Valley Research Centre will host a videoconference of the FORREX Webinar Series on Cumulative Effects of Natural Resource Use in BC. The event will take place at our office, 1188 Main Street. There are three sessions taking place between 9:00 am and 2:30 pm. A $5 donation to FORREX is requested to attend.

The cumulative effects of natural resource development on ecological and social systems are not well understood. Nonetheless, the highest concern to biodiversity conservation in BC are impacts from natural resource activities (e.g., agriculture, forestry, urban and rural development, transportation and utility corridors, water development, and oil and gas), according to a recent survey on biodiversity threats in British Columbia.

Cumulative effects have been a long standing issue in the field of environmental impact assessment (related to the assessment of major projects). More recently, several reports have acknowledged the need to address the cumulative effects of all natural resource development across the landscape. However, there is still limited information about the baseline conditions or ecological thresholds of ecosystems and how cumulative effects impact ecosystem resilience. Additionally, well established communities of practice to address these impacts in a comprehensive manner are significantly lacking within the realms of research, policy, and natural resource management.

This webinar series will serve as a valuable source of information and as a discussion forum for a varied target audience encompassed by decision makers (including those at operational and policy levels) in natural resource use sectors across BC.

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