Outreach and Education

Adding On: Knowledge Management and Cumulative Effects

The Bulkley Valley Research Centre hosted a forum April 16-17, 2014 to continue a discussion about cumulative effects that began at the centre’s 2012 Adding It All Up conference. The forum focused on knowledge management and the ways we collect and disseminate data so it can best contribute to informed decision-making.

Learn more about the 'Adding On' forum.

Adding It All Up: Balancing Benefits and Effects of Resource Development

The Bulkley Valley Research Centre hosted a conference on the cumulative effects of development in northwestern British Columbia November 14-16, 2012. The conference’s title 'Adding It All Up' refers to studying the combined effects of development on communities and the landscape. With an economic boom projected for the region, the conference provided an opportunity to discuss how to balance industrial development with social, economic and environmental wellbeing. Representatives from First Nations, community groups, government, industry and the research community attended.

Three overarching questions provided a framework for the conference:
•    How can our communities plan for growth, maximize social and economic benefits, and minimize negative effects?
•    How can we assess the cumulative environmental and socio-economic effects of multiple development projects across the regional landscape?
•    How should socio-economic and environmental data be best collected, managed, and made accessible?

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Adding It All Up: Follow-up Public Lecture

On June 26, 2013, Chris Johnson, Associate Professor at UNBC, and Don Morgan, Systems Researcher with the Ministry of Environment, provided presentations that discussed the complexity of identifying and managing cumulative effects. Drawing from work in BC and beyond, Chris Johnson explored the concept of cumulative effects and impacts, presented examples of current science focused on quantifying the cumulative impacts of industrial development for wildlife populations, and provided some general perspective on failed processes and paths forward for managing cumulative impacts. Don Morgan followed with a presentation describing current work by provincial agencies to develop a framework for monitoring, assessing and managing the cumulative effects of human activities and natural events on the landscape. 

Learn more about Adding It All Up: Follow-up Public Lecture.

Special Seminar Series Presentations

On February 9, 2014, Dave Daust presented on cumulative effects assessment methodologies as part of the Bulkley Valley Research Centre's Seminar Series. Learn more about cumulative effects assessment in Morice Watershed and access Dave's presentation here.

As a special presentation for the Bulkley Valley Research Centre's Seminar Series, Andrew Fall of Gowlland Technologies presented an integrated, flexible approach to cumulative effects assessment on February 25, 2013. Learn more about the application of a cumulative effects assessment toolkit approach in a pilot project in the Upper Nass/Iskut-Stikine area of northwestern BC