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Adrian de Groot

Board President

Adrian de Groot is a vegetation ecologist with an interest in the vegetation dynamics, conservation ecology and rare ecosystems. He has been working as an independent ecologist since 2000, operating Drosera Ecological Consulting. Adrian has worked in a variety of ecosystem types including...

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Don Morgan

Director of Operations & Board Vice President

Don Morgan is a natural resource management and systems researcher with the Ministry of Environment. His main research area focuses on methods for describing and analyzing socio-ecological systems with an emphasis on wildlife habitat supply. He applies innovative methods to explore uncertainty,...

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Johanna Pfalz

Board Secretary

Johanna Pfalz has extensive experience providing GIS services to the natural resource sector within northwest BC. Prior to working as a consultant for the past nine years, Johanna spent 10 years working with the provincial government in GIS. Her recent work has focused extensively on land-use plan...

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Michael Price

Board Member

Michael Price holds a MSc. degree in ecology from the University of Victoria, is a salmon ecologist with SkeenaWild Conservation Trust, and was awarded the Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship for doctoral study, which he undertook at Simon Fraser University. Michael has extensive...

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Wade Brunham

Board Member

Wade Brunham is ERM Consultants Canada Ltd.’s Regional Office Manager in Smithers BC, where he leads the office in delivering environmental support services to resource companies and maintenance contractors operating in the region. He is responsible for business development and is a primary contact...

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Pamela Wright

Board Member

Pam Wright is an Associate Professor in the Ecosystem Science and Management undergraduate program and the Natural Resource and Environmental Studies graduate program at the University of Northern British Columbia. Her focus is on conservation planning and management, specifically the...

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Adriana Almeida-Rodriguez

Board Member

Adriana moved to the Bulkley Valley three and a half years ago, motivated by the beautiful landscapes and endless outdoor options all year around in the valley, the vibrant Smithereen community, and her dream of growing her own food on an acreage with her partner. Adriana is a biologist with...

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Brian Kolman

Board Member

Brian Kolman's interest in natural resource management started at the age of six when he first observed what appeared to be unsustainable resource management practices. For the last 38 years, he's been embracing the complexity of natural resource management by linking science and policy. Brian is...

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