Led by: 

  • Sybille Haeussler, PhD, RPF, Smithers
  • Alana Clason, PhD Candidate, UNBC,  Smithers

Research and Project Assistance:  Kerrith McKay, Jodie Krakowski, Nick Thüm, Andrew Sheriff, Courtney Berdan, John Kelson, Al Gamble, Mark Wong, Leanne Helkenberg, Anita Norman, Kirsteen Laing, Dave, Andrea, and Sonja Coates, Amelie Goebel, Nata de Leeuw, Jen Atkins, Theresa White, Denise Kelly, Michelle Yarham, Laura Grant, Mike Ridsdale, David Dewit, Mark Parminter, Scot McMilan, Mike Neto, Dave Duncan, Linda Tackaberry, Hugues Massicotte, Phil Burton, Brad Martin, Olivia Pojar, Don Pigott, Elaine and Brian Edmison, Laura Guillon, Steve Willis, Marta Vegas Coletas, Marc Aymerich, Chris Howards and planters, Lothar Schaefer, Theresa White, Nik Thum, Deirdre Goodwin, Cheri Lush, Susanne Haeussler, Courtney Berdan, Dane Drzimotta, Lynn and Bob Westcott, Rod Reimer and planters, Darren Rockliffe, Joanne Vinnedge, Deb Wellwood, Michelle Yarham, and many others


Jodie, John & Kerrith at Nenikëkh/Nanika-Kidprice Park


Cone collection workshop participants


Burnie River ecosystem research team 2007

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