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A Quick Introduction to ML/ARD at Mine Sites

Wednesday October 9, 2019  12:00pm-1:30pm

The Old Church - Smithers, BC

About this presentation

This presentation will cover (1) properties and processes of sulphidic rock and how they affect drainage; (2) sulphide geologic materials; (3) challenges and requirements; and (4) tools and procedures.

Food production, housing, energy production, health care and transportation all depend on products from mining sulphidic rock. People’s need for the products of sulphide mining mean that the question is not whether there will be sulphidic mining but whether we will manage sulphidic mining responsibly. Ensuring well informed, environmentally sound mining and management of closed mines is important both for jurisdictions with many mines and society in general.

About William (Bill) Price

Bill is a soil scientist whose interest in mine reclamation resulted in a career primarily focused on the prediction and mitigation of metal leaching and acidic drainage. His experience includes working for BC Ministry of Mines, industry, consulting, and now Natural Resources Canada. Bill moved to Smithers in the 90s to regulate the many mine closures and mine openings in the region.

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