Bulkley Valley Research Centre - Science in the Public Interest

Jane Lloyd-Smith: 33 Years in Review

December 11, 2013

This talk will be a fun review of some resource management events that happened in the Bulkley District: a smart little fish (that grew) in a big pond. Jane will describe the setting (demographics and structure of resource agencies) 33 years ago and review what seemed to be important resource issues during various decades (with a large bias on forestry). Stories of individual and community empowerment will be told with specific examples of where some important resource management approaches were first developed, adopted and implemented. Specifically, Jane will talk about the Bulkley’s role in partitioning the AAC, and in lighting a fire under SIBEC – estimating productivity. She will tell a story of how a small community designed a very bold, community-based process, and with great tenacity built the still-relevant and unique Bulkley Land and Resource Management Plan. Planning is only the first step in committing to a sustainable resource management ethic. What else needs to be done?