Bulkley Valley Research Centre - Science in the Public Interest

Local and global insight into the future of northern forest ecosystems in uncertain times

Wednesday December 17, 2014  12:00pm-1:00pm

Northwest Community College - Smithers

Climate change is projected to impact forest ecosystems and the good and services they provide by directly influencing forest growth, regeneration and mortality, and indirectly through shifts in climate-sensitive landscape disturbance, such as fire and insect outbreaks. Concomitant economic and social changes are expected to influence the demands we place on forests and how they are managed. Ché Elkin, chair of FRBC/Slocan Mixedwood Ecology at UNBC’s Ecosystem Science and Management Program, uses local and global examples to discuss the future ecological and economic resilience of various forest systems and challenges faced by northern mixed species forest management.

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