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Quantifying the water budget for Coles Lake

Friday March 6, 2015  12:00pm-1:00pm

Northwest Community College - Smithers

Greenhouse gas emissions have warmed the Earth by dramatically increasing heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere and studies indicate the resulting rise in global air temperature has profound consequences for humans and the environment. BC has been highly affected by climate change compare to the rest of Canada, with northern BC warming at a greater rate than the remainder of BC. This impacts hydrological cycle and water resources, which are known as a major resource for the operation and growth of oil and gas industries in this region.

Sina Abadzadesahraei’s research is in northeastern BC, which is undergoing rapid development in the oil and gas sectors with subsurface extraction (hydraulic fracturing or “fracking”) requiring abundant quantities of freshwater. Sina’s research will determine how much freshwater can be extracted from the Coles Lake system without over allocating local water resources. 

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