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SPECIAL PRESENTATION - Enhancing Northern Grain Production Through Applied Research and Community En

January 31, 2014

Serena Black, Graduate Student, UNBC

There is currently an opportunity for strengthening and expanding the production capacity in the local food sector in Omineca region. While particular vulnerability has been identified in the production of vegetables and grains, there is likely to be regional differences in terms of research needs and priorities. As such, the remaining objectives of the Enhancing Northern Grain Production Through Applied Research project are

1) to develop a framework of applied, relevant research connected to regional, producer-identified needs and,

2) to assess the utility of previous agriculture research within in the Omineca Region.

This presentation will provide a brief overview of the project and our findings so far, including results of a greenhouse study on water response in hybrid and heritage barley cultivars, and a study on the role and use of the federal Experimental Farms in Prince George and Smithers prior to their closures. With the focus of extension in mind, this presentation will provide an opportunity for feedback and discussion of research needs and priorities for the Bulkley Valley.