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The Road North: A Cassiar Adventure

Wednesday October 24, 2018  12:00pm-1:00pm

Northwest Community College - 3966 2nd Avenue, Smithers, BC - Smithers

About the presentation

The Road North is a non-technical account of geological fieldwork by horse party in the Cassiar Mountains in the late 1980's, along with tales of the local mines and prospectors.

Please note: this presentation will be at Northwest Community College in Smithers, NOT the Old Church.

About JoAnne Nelson, BC Geological Survey Emeritus Scientist

JoAnne retired this year after 31 years as a field Project Geologist with the BC Geological Survey. Her field mapping took her to many locales across northern BC, from the Rocky Mountains to the Cassiar and Stikine ranges, Terrace, and coastal BC between Prince Rupert and Bella Coola. Detailed small-scale work has led her to large-scale syntheses of the tectonic evolution of the Canadian and Alaskan Cordillera and its enclosed wealth of mineral deposits. She is the recipient of the Gold Pick award from Kamloops Exploration Group (2015), Special Tribute from AMEBC (2016), and Provincial Geologist of the Year (2017). Her emeritus work continues out of her home office, focusing presently on the Jurassic history of the BC's Golden Triangle.

Relevance in Northwest BC

My research has provided regional geological context for mineral explorers in northwest BC. Mineral deposits are linked to their geological surroundings including faults, zones of crustal weakness, intrusive (granitoid) bodies, sedimentary traps and many other unique features. In this sense they are like rare biological species that flourish in particular niches. Study of geology at all scales, from individual outcrops to entire orogens (mountain belts), provides necessary understanding of how known deposits have formed, and where new ones might be found. In this talk, however, I depart from my usual scientific pursuits to dwell on life among the mountains - ours and other residents and denizens of the northwest BC wild.

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