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Timber Growth and Value Conference

Friday February 6, 2009  -

Smithers Golf and Country Club - Smithers, BC

The Timber Growth and Value Program is one of three programs funded by British Columbia's Forest Investment Account, Forest Science Program (FIA-FSP) to promote sustainable forest management policies and practices in British Columbia. The Timber Growth and Value Program represents a 10-year strategy (2006-2016) that seeks to improve timber growth and value in British Columbia. The program focuses on research addressing key knowledge gaps identified as priorities by the FIA-FSP Forest Science Board. To address this, the Bulkley Valley Research Centre organized and hosted the Timber Growth and Value Conference in February 2008. The research topics presented at the Timber Growth and Value Conference were structured around eight themes identified by the FIA-FSP Timber Growth and Value Program. Although not all projects presented at the conference were associated with FIA-FSP, it was apparent that a number of different agencies and researchers have common interests in continuing to improve sustainable forest management and delivering new information to practitioners, managers, and policy makers. Ultimately, continued interest in these areas and opportunities to share research will generate new management solutions more effectively. The objectives of the conference were to introduce the research and management communities to the state of knowledge regarding timber growth and value, identify operational applications of this knowledge, and provide an opportunity for researchers, practitioners and managers to meet and synthesize current research.

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