Bulkley Valley Research Centre - Science in the Public Interest

Water Sustainability: National Impacts and Local Opportunities

Wednesday November 16, 2016  12:00pm-1:00pm

The Old Church (on the corner of First Avenue and King Street) - Smithers, BC

About this seminar:

British Columbia’s history, identity, and future are inseparable from water. Water is essential for the environment, for communities, and for a vibrant economy. With a goal of seeing all waters in good ecological condition, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) embarked upon Canada’s first ever national freshwater health assessment. Mountains of data were distilled into tangible impacts underscoring our insatiable demand for freshwater. In response to this increased demand, the province of British Columbia is in the process of transitioning our 100-year-old Water Act to the newly-minted British Columbia Water Sustainability Act (WSA). This talk will outline some of the impacts observed across the nation and contextualize how the WSA could be used to make sustainable decisions around land-use impacts on flow and water management.

About Jeffrey Anderson:

Jeffrey Anderson has been a resident of the Bulkley Valley since 1996. He holds a graduate degree in fluid dynamics and has worked as a consultant throughout the forestry, mining, transportation, oil and gas, and hydropower industries. He is a fluvial geomorphologist by training and a conservationist by design. Jeffrey was the acting chair of the Community Resources Board where he spent nearly nine years representing the community values of the Bulkley Valley. He presently serves as the senior freshwater manager for the World Wildlife Fund, where he is tasked with finding sustainable solutions to freshwater resources in the Skeena Watershed.