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What’s a ‘Cumulative Impact’, Anyway?

Wednesday September 26, 2018  12:00pm-3:00pm

The Old Church - Smithers, BC

About this presentation & workshop: 

This presentation (1 hour) and workshop (2 hours) will share results from four years of research on the cumulative environmental, community and health impacts of resource development across northern BC. Participants can expect to: learn about cumulative impacts science and research; hear about exciting new tools that integrate environmental, community and health data to inform land-use decisions; and share their own lived and professional experiences with team members from UNBC's Cumulative Impacts Research Consortium in ways that will generate new research and actions to maximize the benefits of multiple natural resource activities while mitigating negative impacts.

Food and refreshments included. Please RSVP to: Marieka.Sax@unbc.ca

About Chris Buse & Marieka Sax

Chris Buse, PhD is a Postdoctoral Fellow with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research whose research seeks to understand and respond to the health impacts of environmental change (e.g. climate change and resource development). He received his PhD from the University of Toronto, MA from the University of British Columbia and BA from the University of Alberta and has spent the last four years researching the cumulative impacts of resource development across northern BC.

Marieka Sax is a Research Associate with the Cumulative Impacts Research Consortium at UNBC with longstanding interests in resource extraction, Indigenous-settler relations, and rural livelihoods. She holds a PhD and MA in Anthropology from Carleton University, for which she spent several years in the Peruvian Andes researching small-scale agriculture, traditional medicine, sacred landscapes, and Indigeneity. Her postdoctoral research focuses on gender in the speculative phase of resource development in British Columbia.