Instream Flow Habitat Modeling:
Physical Habitat Modeling (PHABSIM)

Smithers, British Columbia

June 22-26, 2009




Instream Flow Habitat Modeling:
Physical Habitat Modeling (PHABSIM)

June 22-26,


Smithers, BC











General information

Kirsteen Laing


Specific course questions

Dr. Thomas B. Hardy




Course participants will utilize an advanced Windows version of the Physical Habitat Simulation System developed at Utah State University for one-dimensional hydraulic and habitat based analyses. The course will also include:

  • the theory and application of Habitat Suitability Criteria (HSC) development
  • guild approaches for aquatic communities
  • spatial niche analysis techniques
  • habitat time series
  • effective habitat analyses and related time series based project flow scenario comparisons.

Habitat time series and project flow scenarios are demonstrated using a Windows based time series module that can utilize both one and two dimensional based habitat simulation results. Advanced habitat modeling and associated software will also include the use of two-dimensional hydraulic model outputs that demonstrate the integration of cover, distance to escape cover, and distance to shore type analyses.

Course Outline (Draft)

For more info on the PHABSIM model, go to

Students are required to bring their own laptop computer.

The cost of the course is $849 per person, which includes a CD-ROM with all software utilized, example data sets, and lecture/laboratory manuals.

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Sunshine Inn



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