Planning for the Crown-Settlement Interface Lands was designed to be a learning experience for participants. Comments following the event were very positive. In response to an evaluation question “Did you get what you were looking for from the conference?" 78% said yes, 22%  said somewhat and 0% said no. Many of the comments appreciated the ability to interact with speakers and participants from diverse backgrounds. Another positive theme in the comments was the breadth of interesting topics. Participants generally noted that they learned key lessons from Interface that could affect their work in the future.

The food at Interface received high praises: great, good, fantastic, very satisfactory, excellent, nutritious and flavourful. Two Sisters Catering supplied lunches and Little Frog Cafe, Moricetown provided the evening dinner.

Due to the interactive nature of the event, there was no detailed record of conference proceedings. However, the Program, the Presenters information and the following links and downloads are conference results which have ongoing value as interface planning resources.

Interface Planning Casebook

One of the principal purposes of Planning for the Crown-Settlement Interface Lands was to assess the state of the art of Interface planning, and to do so through identification and discussion of concrete cases. Case files were collected into an Interface Planning Casebook that is hosted for public viewing on the Valley Vision website.


Ray Chipeniuk

Brief speaker profiles can be found on the Presenters page. Not all speakers provided summary notes or presentation files. Note that a number of the chairs from the Day 2 Workshops submitted case files to the Interface Planning Casebook.

  • Dr. Scott Lehmann - Privatizing BC Crown Lands - Outline
  • Dr. Ray Chipeniuk - Interface Planning for Regional Development: Historical Overiew, Principles, and Best and Bad Practices - Presentation
  • Dr. Bruce Stadfeld -  History of the BC Interface from a First Nations legal perspective - Presentation
  • David Belford - Wet'suwet'en Perspective on Interface Planning - Presentation
  • Bulkley Valley Stewardship Coalition Workshop - Presentation and Handout

News Releases

May 12, 2010 - Interface conference coming to Smithers

June 2, 2010 - MapChat creator travelling from New Zealand to attend Smithers conference

Other Resources
(compiled by Ray Chipeniuk)

Generally Accepted Canadian Planning Principles (The numbering of principles in this document is used in the Interface Planning Casebook).

Reading List
– Some examples of Interface Research Literature

Framework for Assembling Knowledge about Planning for the Crown-Settlement Interface Lands (Research Questions)

Workshop Day 3