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Pat Moss receives BVRC’s Irving Fox Award

March 11, 2014

The Bulkley Valley Research Centre welcomed nearly 50 people to its March 10 annual general meeting, where it awarded long-time community member Pat Moss with the Irving Fox Award for lifetime achievement. Moss has worked on regional environmental and cultural sustainability issues since moving here in the 1970s.

“If you dig around any of the major environmental campaigns affecting northwest B.C. over the past 40 years, you are bound to find evidence of Pat Moss, hard at work on the frontlines, seated at the table, or working quietly behind the scenes,” the nomination letter reads.

“This nomination recognizes a lifetime of achievement, rather than a single major project or accomplishment, although there have been many.”

From 1978 to 1994, Moss was the local librarian, working on environmental, social justice and political issues in her spare time. She has been involved with the Telkwa Foundation, Smithers Human Rights Society, Save the Bulkley, B.C. Environmental Network, Canadian Environmental Network, Sierra Club of B.C., B.C. NDP environment committee and West Coast Environmental Law.

Today, Moss is founder and executive director for the Northwest Institute for Bioregional Research, which engages in education, research and advocacy around ecological and social sustainability issues. Although the BVRC does not participate in advocacy, it supports NWI’s role in advocating for science-based decision-making.

“In this manner, fact-based advocacy for a sustainable environment and a just society emerge organically and logically, showing us a better way to benefit from the natural and cultural riches of this region,” the nomination letter says. “Her longtime friends Irving (now deceased) and Rosemary Fox would no doubt agree.”

AGM attendees heard that the BVRC’s role in providing objective, scientific research is becoming increasingly important with the expanding interest in natural resource exploration in northern B.C. “The centre’s had a successful financial year and we look forward to it continuing,” treasurer Brian Edmison said.