Bulkley Valley Research Centre - Science in the Public Interest


The Bulkley Valley sits in close proximity to largely intact ecosystems, making it an ideal location for biophysical research on the natural environment. Located at the junction of coastal, transitional and interior ecological zones, the coastal zone is covered with temperate rainforest dominated by western hemlock, western redcedar, amabilis fir and Sitka spruce. Inland is a boreal zone of lodgepole pine, aspen, white spruce and subalpine fir forests. Sitting between these two biomes, the Bulkley Valley lies in a transitional zone with mixed tree species from the coastal rainforest and the boreal plateau. The coastal and interior mountains that surround the valley support more zones and high elevation forests. In contrast to most other inhabited mountain environments worldwide, these northwest ecosystems still support healthy populations of large mammals and largely intact predator-prey systems, creating a prime location from which to conduct biophysical research.