Bulkley Valley Research Centre - Science in the Public Interest

Floodplain, Stand dynamics and Ecosystem mapping of the Lower Skeena River

Project Reference Number: 2005-02

Project Status: Complete

Led by: Adrian de Groot, Drosera Ecological Consulting, Smithers

Terrasaurus, Vancouver

Funder: Ministry of Forests and Range

This project is a component of the larger Skeena Islans Project (2004-3).  The purpose of this project is to take air photos in the winter to allow the determination of conifer regeneration in deciduous forest dominated areas of the floodplain, in order to determine the conservation value of the area.

The following items will be provided under this contract:

1. Aerial photos and mosaicing of the Skeena Islands study area.

2. Photo interpretation, photo typing, analysis, and comparison to current inventory work recently conducted on the Skeena Islands.

3. A spatial layer and data set of the results identified in 2 above.

4. Summary of the results are to be included in the final report and recommendations of the Skeena Island Project (2004-03).


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