Bulkley Valley Research Centre - Science in the Public Interest

Biodiversity Stewardship Options Field Sessions in the Bulkley TSA

Project Reference Number: 2013-15

Project Status: Complete

Led by: Larry McCulloch, LM Forest Resource Solutions; Ruth Lloyd; Debbie Wellwood, Raven Ecological Consulting

Funder: Ministry of Forest Lands & Natural Resource Operations

This project contractor is tasked with the following:

  1. Convene a field workshop with biologists, land managers and knowledgeable public. Assess effectiveness of this prototype and make recommendations on format, delivery and cost for future, regularly scheduled sessions.
  2. Facilitate discussions on how to better meet biodiversity objectives in forest stewardship and other plans by sharing experience and knowledge; demonstrating new technology in field data management; identifying practical, cost effective methods of adding value to current practices and documenting specific barriers to implementation. The focus will be on improving structural stand-level biodiversity implementation and effectiveness within the context of landscape-level plans and larger issues such as climate change.
  3. Record key points, action items and recommendations for moving forward.
  4. Write a report that captures essential elements of issues, discussions and recommendations for improvements of; site-level practices, consistent interpretation of planning and legal documents, and improvements to protocols such as FREP and Evaluation System.
  5. Draft a list of standard questions to help frame discussions for a range of sites and issues (e.g.. how could climate change affect results? How can these factors be improved for habitat, forest health, stand resilience, short-term and long-term costs, etc.? How can techniques and treatments be improved from research and field perspectives? What policy, legal, social or environmental barriers are there?)
  6. Arrange for a range of independent participants.
  7. Provide information and recommendations for a project charter for regularly scheduled field sessions which provide opportunity for proactive and positive discussion of evolving issues and lead to practical, locally-supported solutions.