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Compilation and gap analysis of ecosystem information for the Cassiar cumulative impacts assessment area

Project Reference Number: 2012-08

Project Status: Complete

Led by: Adrian de Groot, Drosera Ecological Consulting; Allen Banner, Consultant

Jim Pojar, Consultant

Funder: Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

The objectives of this project are:

1. Compile existing ecosystem plot data for the Cassiar and Nass TSAs

  •     Compile a VPro plot database of all existing ecosystem full plot data for the study area.
  •     Compile a SIVI plot database of ground call and field visit information.
  •     Locate additional data sources from literature, government agencies, and industry sources.
  •     Enter new ecological data into VPro and SIVI plot databases
  •     Evaluate data quality of all VPRO plots
  •     Clean and harmonize VPRO plot data to standards
  •     Compile  and link plot and site photos to VPro plot records where possible.

2. Classify existing plot data for BGCs occurring within the Cassiar and Nass TSAs

  •     Assign ecosystem plot data to existing BGC version 8 subzone/variants
  •     Add unassigned plot data to existing site series where classifications currently exist.
  •     Create draft classifications from existing plot data and other information where current BGC and/or site unit classifications do not exist.

3. Create a GIS project of existing spatial ecological information

  •     Ecosystem plot locations
  •     Overflight routes, waypoint, notes, and pictures
  •     Other relevant point sample information

4. Gap analysis

  •     Summary of plot data requirements to fill data gaps by BGC and site unit
  •     Draft an itemized and prioritized work plan to fill BEC information, mapping, and data gaps.

5. Rationale for completion of a ecological classification and inventory for the Cassiar

  •     Identified applications of BEC classification and ecological inventory (PEM)
  •     Specific applications of BEC and PEM in cumulative impacts assessment
  •     Describe additional non-BEC information and resource requirements for effective application of PEM  product to a Cassiar cumulative impacts assessment

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