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Conference - Complex Stand Management: Extension of Recent Research to Forest Managers

Project Reference Number: 2006-09

Project Status: Complete

Led by: Rick Budhwa, Bulkley Valley Research Centre, Smithers

Rasmus Astrup, Amanda Follett and Kirsteen Laing, Bulkley Valley Research Centre, Smithers; Jill Dunbar, Telkwa

Funder: Forest Investment Account - Forest Science Program

Project Proposal

The purpose of this extension project is to:

1. Introduce the research and management communities to advances in knowledge about Tree Growth and Succession in Complex Stands and to identify operational applications of this knowledge through a two day Conference; and

2. Train analysts and researchers in the use of SORTIE-BC so that they are able to model the succession and growth of complex stands in forests they are responsible for, through a two-day Technical Session.

Conference Event

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