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Conference - The Strategies for Monitoring Effectively

Project Reference Number: 2006-16

Project Status: Complete

Led by: Rick Budhwa, Bulkley Valley Research Centre, Smithers

Jill Dunbar, Telkwa; Amanda Follett and Kirsteen Laing, Bulkley Valley Research Centre, Smithers

Funder: Babine River Foundation; Moore Foundation; Ministry of Forests

With the emphasis now on professional reliance to deliver social and science-based management direction that was often derived during lengthy, and sometimes controversial, public processes, there is a need to make sure the profession is doing what they set out to do. This affects multiple forest values including forest health. There have been some “implementation monitoring” reports prepared for land-use plans that describe whether the steps outlined in the plan have been undertaken and the FRPA Resource Effectiveness Program has been initiated. However, there have been no significant “effectiveness monitoring reports and there is an absence of simple monitoring frameworks or protocols; the absence of coordination among agencies or public who could assist, and the absence of a long-term commitment by a lead organization.

Without monitoring reports in place, the final stages of the planning cycle are not complete, and there is no feedback loop to assist professionals in improving their management prescriptions.

This project will be a symposium to showcase "best practices" on land use monitoring, in an effort to find ways to overcome the historic barriers to monitoring.

Thank you to the Babine River Foundation and the Moore Foundation for their generous support.

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