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Evaluation of Regeneration Delay, Release of Advance Regeneration, Future Growth Rates, and Stand Dynamics After MPB Attack

Project Reference Number: 2007-16

Project Status: Complete

Led by: Dave Coates, PhD, Research Silviculturist, Ministry of Forests and Range, Smithers

Larix Forestry Inc., Cranbrook; Mariano Amoroso, Vancouver; Rasmus Astrup, Bulkley Valley Research Centre, Smithers; Bradley Gooderham, Vancouver; Sonya Powell, Vancouver; Beth Henderson, Bulkley Valley Research Centre, Smithers

Funder: Forest Investment Account - Forest Science Program

Project Proposal

This project is a retrospective study of areas heavily attacked by the MPB 40-50 years ago around Takla Lake. Unlike the 1980s Chilcotin attack, Takla Lake forests are similar in structure and composition to areas presently under attack in the northern interior. We will focus our study on how long stands take to regenerate, the release potential of secondary structure, and overall stand growth over time. Implications for mid-term timber supply in current attack areas will be assessed.

(The project was moved to the Flathead area. The objectives remained the same except it was studying a 25-28 year old attack instead of a 45-50 year old attack.  The Flathead area had a major MPB attack between 1978 and 1982. This area had also experienced a huge fire in the early 1920s. The MPB signal was very clear in this area and the epidemic location is well documented.)

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