Bulkley Valley Research Centre - Science in the Public Interest

Quantify Selected Second Growth Northern Interior Forest Ecosystem Attributes

Project Reference Number: 2006-18

Project Status: Complete

Led by: Philip LePage, Research Silviculturist, Ministry of Forests and Range, Smithers

Enlichened Consulting Ltd., Clearwater

Funder: Ministry of Forests and Range, Transfer Agreement

This agreement is to support the establishment of a research project to quantify selected second growth northern interior forest ecosystem attributes in order to provide a field-based assessment of natural regeneration and overall ecosystem recovery following disturbance in Mountain Pine Beetle (MPB) impacted biogeoclimatic subzones. This objective will be accomplished through the examination of the development of existing forest stands following major natural disturbances (e.g. MPB, fire, wind throw). The intent is to characterize the amount, quality, and growth rate of natural regeneration as well as the ecological condition and level of ecosystem recovery toward 'old-growth' stand conditions in these areas.