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SORTIE/BC Programming and Training

Project Reference Number: 2004-09

Project Status: Complete

Led by: Dave Coates, PhD, Research Silviculturist, Ministry of Forests and Range, Smithers

Funder: Ministry of Forests and Range

SORTIE/BC is recognized as a scientific tool that aids the understanding of how disturbance affects forest stand dynamics. Over the past few years the Smithers Ministry of Forests, Forest Sciences Group has worked to incorporate the modeling of silvicultural strategies (from clearcutting to variable retention) and accurate yield predictions into SORTIE/BC. To move from a research model emphasis to a management mode emphasis requires extensive programming and interface changes. For the model to be actively used for forest management decisions requires demonstration and training.

This contract allows:

1. Programming changes to model core and interface.

2. Demonstrations of model functioning to government, industry and potential users.

3. Development of a training course for potential model users.

For more information about the outcomes of this project and SORTIE, please visit the Forest Stand Neighbourhood Dynamics Research and Modelling website.