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Year 2 - Growth and Release of Understory Trees in Partially-Cut Pine Stands EP 591

Project Reference Number: 2008-14

Project Status: Complete

Led by: Marie-Lou Lefrancois, Bulkley Valley Research Centre, Smithers

Beth Henderson, Bulkley Valley Research Centre, Smithers

Funder: Forest Investment Account - Forest Science Program

Project Proposal

In 1962, 15 experimental plots (EP 591) were established to investigate the development of planted, seeded, and naturally regenerated spruce in partially-cut pine stands. The experiment has since been measured four times but the results have never been complied or analyzed. Within the past two years most overstory trees have been attacked by the MPB. In this project, we compile and analyze the 40-year data prior to the MPB attack and re-measure the plot to evaluate understory release after MPB. Our current forest management paradigm calls for increased focus on complex stand management. To evaluate and plan complex stand management, forest managers require additional knowledge related to growth of understory trees and growth release after a disturbance to the overstory. This project will improve our understanding of understory tree growth and release.

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