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Adrian de Groot

Board President

Adrian de Groot is a vegetation ecologist with an interest in the vegetation dynamics, conservation ecology and rare ecosystems. He has been working as an independent ecologist since 2000, operating Drosera Ecological Consulting. Adrian has worked in a variety of ecosystem types including...

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Johanna Pfalz

Board Member

Johanna Pfalz has extensive experience providing GIS services to the natural resource sector within northwest BC. Prior to working as a consultant for the past nine years, Johanna spent 10 years working with the provincial government in GIS. She also has a Bachelor of Science from Simon Fraser...

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Adriana Almeida-Rodriguez

Board Member

Adriana moved to the Bulkley Valley three and a half years ago, motivated by the beautiful landscapes and endless outdoor options all year around in the valley, the vibrant Smithereen community, and her dream of growing her own food on an acreage with her partner. Adriana is a biologist with...

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Alana Clason

Post Doctoral Research Associate

When Alana first came to the Bulkley Valley in 2009, she was lucky enough to work closely with the BVRC, and couldn’t be happier to be back in that position again. Alana completed her PhD at UNBC in 2017, focusing on understanding the current limits to whitebark pine’s northern distribution and...

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Irene Ronalds

Board Member

Irene Ronalds is a Registered Professional Biologist with an interest in ecosystems, landscapes and people. Her work has focused on Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping (TEM); ecosystem restoration and monitoring; wildlife management area planning; and, protected areas gap analysis. Through her recent...

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Ken White


Ken has lived in Smithers since 1996, and works as an entomologist with the Provincial Government. He has a Masters of Pest Management form Simon Fraser University. He is active in volunteer work with several groups, including the Smithers Public Library and the local community radio station. His...

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Ché Elkin

Board Member

Ché Elkin is an Associate Professor and the FRBC-Slocan Mixedwood Ecology and Management Research Chair at UNBC. He is a forest ecologist whose research examines how climate and landscape disturbances interact to influence forest dynamics, landscape connectivity, and the spatial distribution of...

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Kira Hoffman

Board Member

Dr. Kira Hoffman is an ecologist, conservationist and former wildland firefighter who was born and raised in Smithers. Hoffman's research focuses on how humans have used fire for millennia to manage and enhance their natural surroundings. Combined with traditional ecological knowledge, she uses...

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Paula Bartemucci

Board Secretary

Paula Bartemucci has worked in the fields of plant ecology, forest research, botany and rare species conservation since 1995 when she first came to Smithers as a biology co-op student. She was fortunate to stay on and work for four years at the Ministry of Forests Research Section, where she...

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Evelyn Hamilton

Board Member

Evelyn Hamilton worked in the Research Branch of the BC Forest Service for much of her career. She started as a Field ecologist working on fire ecology and ecosystem classification. Before retiring in 2010, Evelyn managed the Ecology and Earth Sciences Section, a team of research scientists and...

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