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About the BVRC

The Bulkley Valley Research Centre (BVRC) is an independent, not-for-profit society conducting high-quality, interdisciplinary research on natural and cultural resources. We create learning and extension opportunities for both our members and the community through workshops, conferences and other networking events, and support our community by promoting the region and investing locally. Our purpose is to provide the science required for sustainable resource management.

Membership and Donations

Anyone can become a member of the BVRC — individuals, organizations, companies, small businesses, First Nations groups, governments, and universities. Find out more here.

Featured Event

SORTIE workshop

Tuesday February 22, 2022  8:30am - Wednesday February 23, 2022 12:00pm

- Online

The BVRC is offering an online workshop to learn SORTIE. SORTIE is a spatially-explicit, individual-based stand dynamics model. We will walk participants through how to run SORTIE using the traditional GUI and within a newly developed interface in R software (rsortie). During the workshop, participants will explore real-world examples using the rsortie interface, and video tutorials will be freely available online for partipants to view prior to the workshop. These videos will provide the necessary background on getting started in SORTIE. Partipants will leave the workshop with an understanding of how to implement example silviculture prescriptions in SORTIE in either the GUI or rsortie. Workshop questions can be emailed to sortie@bvcentre.ca.