Kira Hoffman: Grant & Fellowship

Trebek Initiative Grant

Kira has been awarded a grant of $136,802 from the Trebek Initiative for research in partnership with UBC, the Mother Tree Network, and Gitanyow. The grant provides Kira with funds to conduct further research with Gitanyow which will include hiring a Guardian assistant and doing extension work. Go Kira!

Fighting fire with food

Each year Canada experiences numerous devastating and uncontrollable wildfires, with governments spending billions of dollars on direct and indirect wildfire costs. While the frightening and destructive impacts of wildfires dominate news headlines, the role of fire as fundamental to species and ecosystem survival, and as an important Indigenous cultural practice, is under reported.

Wildfire is a complex conservation problem because it has the potential to be at once harmful (threatening ecosystem values, human lives, and property) but also beneficial, maintaining the diversity and resilience of landscapes. The use of cultural fire through Indigenous fire stewardship provides significant benefits to ecosystems, wildlife, and human communities. Supporting Indigenous-led stewardship in Canada is critical as Indigenous Peoples are 40% more likely to be evacuated due to wildfires.

With support from the Trebek Initiative, fire ecologist, Kira Hoffman will explore the ways Indigenous-led fire stewardship practices such as burning can be used to restore biodiversity in forest and grassland ecosystems surrounding the communities and throughout the traditional Lax’yip territory of the Gitanyow Nation. Kira’s project is the first of its kind in Canada, providing an opportunity for the Gitanyow Nation to restore fire to their traditional Lax-yip after 100 years of cultural and natural fire suppression.

Excerpt taken from The Trek initiative website – learn more here:

Wilburforce Fellowship

Earlier this year Kira was awarded a fellowship in the 2023 Wilburforce Leaders in Conservation Science Program.

The Wilburforce Leaders in Conservation Science Program brings together innovative and compassionate conservation experts in western North America who are ready to contribute their knowledge and skills to build a future where people and nature thrive together.


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