Dr. Flora Krivak-Tetley

Dr. Flora Krivak-Tetley is a forest ecologist and Postdoctoral Researcher with the University of British Columbia and the Bulkley Valley Research Centre. Her research interests include forest demography, carbon dynamics, invasive species, insect population dynamics, conservation biology, and social- ecological systems. She completed her PhD at Dartmouth College (Hanover, NH, USA), leading an intercontinental comparative study on the impacts and population dynamics of the invasive woodwasp Sirex noctilio. During her MS work at UC Berkeley (Berkeley, CA, USA), she focused on identifying early impacts of climate change in old growth Sierra Nevada forests.

Flora’s current research is focused on modelling the impacts of partial harvesting on carbon storage, flux and other ecosystem services in forests of northern British Columbia. She works with academic, government and First Nations partners and is integrating the stand-level model SORTIE and the landscape-scale model LANDIS-II to understand the potential outcomes of a range of future harvesting approaches.