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We are an independent, not-for-profit organization located in Smithers, BC. Our purpose is to supply the robust science required to inform and advance policy and practice related to sustainable natural resource management.

Home of the Silviculture Innovation Program

This project aims to support community-centered practices, uphold Indigenous stewardship and knowledge, affirm alternative practices and steps to implementation, and increase the resilience of BC’s forests in the face of climate change.

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Abrupt, climate-induced increase in wildfires in British Columbia since the mid-2000s

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How Indigenous Techniques Saved a Community From Wildfire

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2023 Annual Metal Leaching/Acid Rock Drainage Field School

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Into The Future: Long-term Recovery Goals for 5 Needle Pine

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Tree Species Climate Adaptation in the SBSmc2 and IDFdk3

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Alternative Silviculture on Nisga’a Lands

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Fuel Treatments in a Northern BC Community Forest

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Returning to Burning: Boundary Spanners Needed to Support Innovative Solutions to Wildfire

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Current Research on Impacts of Glyphosate-based Herbicide Use in Forests

Featured Research

Carbon Dynamics of Planted and Natural Regeneration Stands in the Northern Interior Following Wildfires

Led by Dr. Alana Clason

The goal of this research is to quantify the density, composition, growth, and survival of regenerating trees, standing and downed wood in rehabilitated (i.e. seedlings planted) and non-rehabilitated sites after wildfire.

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