Bulkley Valley Research Centre - Science in the Public Interest


The Bulkley Valley Research Centre (BVRC) is an independent, not-for-profit society conducting high-quality, interdisciplinary research on natural and cultural resources. We create learning and extension opportunities for both our members and the community through workshops, conferences and other networking events, and support our community by promoting the region and investing locally. Our purpose is to provide the science required for sustainable resource management.

Community Nexus

The Bulkley Valley Research Centre serves to connect researchers with each other and the greater community through networking, learning, and research opportunities. We also support community engagement on natural resource management issues and decision-making through the research and distribution of data that promote long-term community sustainability. As well, our downtown Smithers provides a physical presence and meeting place for the local research community.

Project Administration

As a registered not-for-profit society, members use the Centre as a conduit to apply for funding; the Centre then provides administrative and budgeting support to approved projects. Creating collaborative opportunities enables access to funding sources that might not otherwise have been available to individual researchers. We also create learning and extension opportunities for members and the community at large through workshops, conferences, a seminar series, and other networking events. Forming and administering trusts for research and monitoring also provides employment opportunities for local researchers.

Research for Sustainability and Stewardship

The research centre focuses its research on sustainability throughout the northwest and beyond: the sustainability of our ecosystems, our cultures and our communities. Our research initiatives are often multi-year and involve collaboration among a range of groups involved in natural resource management including industry, government, First Nations, academic institutions and conservation organizations. Along with objective research, the Centre provides a single point of contact for a diversity of perspectives to meet and engage.


Administration & Financial Support 

Admin Assistance & Fees

Upon request, we are happy to provide our members and affiliates with administrative assistance. Please refer to our BVRC Administrative Fees, which clarifies what our fees are, how they are calculated, and the types of administrative services we provide. This document was created in order to increase transparency and understanding of BVRC operations with our membership, and has been approved by the BVRC Board of Directors.