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Understanding Variation in Wildfire Burn Severity to Improve Fire Resilience: A Research Update and Prognosis
05/08/24 | Seminar SeriesWhat's New

Phil Burton is an Emeritus Professor with the Department of Ecosystem Science & Management at the University of Northern British Columbia. His research has addressed vegetation dynamics and their implications to land and resource management, with a focus on…

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Into The Future: Long-term Recovery Goals for 5 Needle Pine
05/31/23 | Seminar Series

Francis Iredale is a Senior Species at Risk Biologist with the Ministry of Water, Land and Resource Stewardship. In his current role, Francis is coordinating the recovery of whitebark pine in collaboration with federal, ENGOs, and First Nation partners.

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Tree Species Climate Adaptation in the SBSmc2 and IDFdk3
05/03/23 | Seminar Series

Over the next rotation, climate change will impact the abundance and distribution of tree species in British Columbia.

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Alternative Silviculture on Nisga’a Lands
04/19/23 | Seminar Series

In this seminar, we discuss a unique approach to logging a block to fulfill multiple objectives on Nisga’a Lands.

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Fuel Treatments in a Northern BC Community Forest
04/05/23 | Seminar Series

This seminar will focus on wildfire risk reduction projects completed in the Burns Lake Community Forest over the last few years.

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Returning to Burning: Boundary Spanners Needed to Support Innovative Solutions to Wildfire
03/08/23 | Seminar Series

A key challenge in western Canada is how to manage wildfire risk and support the application of cultural and prescribed fire across regional, provincial and Indigenous territorial boundaries.

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