Dying Wolf Moments: Inspirations and Reflections on a Wildlife Career

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Location: Via Zoom

About this seminar

Dr. Kessler will reflect on her 45-year wildlife science and management career in this seminar. Kessler studied at Berkeley and Texas A&M University. She then taught and researched for 19 years at the University of Idaho, and in 1997 Kessler became the founding chair of the University of Northern British Columbia’s Forestry Program. Kessler also has 21 years of experience with the US Forest Service, including terms as the Alaska Regional Ecologist and the National Wildlife Ecologist. In 2010, she retired as the Alaska Regional Director of Wildlife, Fisheries, Ecology, Watershed, and Subsistence Management. Kessler also gained 27 years of experience as a professional member of the Boone & Crockett Club, 22 years of the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation Board of Directors, and three terms as chair and three years on the National Board of Directors or Ducks Unlimited Canada. In June 2019, Kessler was elected to the board of the Canadian Wildlife Federation. She has also experienced significant shifts in fire management policy, specifically prescribed burning. Throughout her career, Dr. Kessler was the first woman in every position she held: a true pioneer. Don’t miss this seminar!