Long-term effects of timber harvesting on coarse woody debris and marten habitat

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Location: Via Zoom

About this presentation

Coarse woody debris (CWD) is an important component of many forest ecosystem functions, and there is increasing recognition that CWD dynamics need to be considered during forest management planning. Over time, timber harvesting impacts the quantity, quality, and input rates of CWD that are necessary to support biodiversity, nutrient cycling, carbon storage, and critical habitat components for many species, including the American marten. The Date Creek Research Forest offers a unique opportunity to follow CWD dynamics after variable timber retention harvesting (0%, 40%, 70%, and 100% retention) through time. In this presentation, Ingrid will discuss the impact of harvesting intensity on CWD volume, decay class, and inputs from windthrow over 27 years. She will present her methodology for creating a habitat index to assess the impact of harvesting intensity on CWD habitat features, as well as her evaluation criteria for how remote sensing can be used to assess CWD over the landscape.

About Ingrid Farnell (BSC.)

Ingrid is a budding ecologist currently studying coarse woody debris (CWD) dynamics post-harvest and the impact on American marten CWD habitat as part of her Master of Science in Natural Resource Management at UNBC. She is from Aylmer, Ontario and moved to the Bulkley Valley 6 years ago after tree planting brought her to northern BC. Since living in the Valley, Ingrid has worked on several BVRC projects: a cumulative effects and climate change project (with Don Morgan); the Skeena Knowledge Trust’s Skeena Salmon Data Centre Project (with Eclipse Geomatics); and most recently, a project researching the carbon dynamics of planted and naturally regenerated stands following wildfire (with Alana Clason). Ingrid is excited to complete her MSc. in the near future and work as an ecologist in the Bulkley Valley.

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