Long-Term Monitoring of Bald Eagles at Besnard Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada 1968-2021

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Location: Via Zoom

About this presentation

Dr. Dzus will provide an overview of the world’s longest running Bald Eagle research project. Topics to be covered include the history of eagle monitoring in northern Saskatchewan set in the context of the historical declines and increases of Bald Eagles in northern Saskatchewan. This 54-year (and counting) study has uncovered many secrets about the biology of this magnificent bird.

About Elston Dzus, PH.D.

While he’s better known in Alberta/Canada as a caribou biologist, Elston’s roots are in avian ecology. He’s a transplant from northern Saskatchewan where he grew up at a lake resort and spent his spare time fishing, hunting and observing a lone Bald Eagle nest. This high school interest in raptors led to an undergraduate research opportunity in 1984 that changed his life. That one summer boating and canoeing around 7 lakes surveying Bald Eagles and other waterbirds turned into two, then three as he completed a master’s degree from the University of Manitoba. Except for a few years while he pursued a Ph.D. on Mallards, he has migrated back to Besnard annually to continue what has become a lifelong passion studying Bald Eagles on Besnard Lake in north central Saskatchewan. The project is entering its 54th year of continuous monitoring.

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