Old Growth and Beyond: Assessing Ecosystem Integrity in Landscapes Managed for Forestry

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Location: Via Zoom

About the presentation

Evaluating and maintaining ecological integrity of landscapes managed for forestry is of high interest to Government, First Nations, Industry, and the public in BC. While old-growth assessment is an important component of evaluating ecological integrity, the assessment of second-growth stands that dominate managed landscapes forms a critical part of this ecological evaluation.This presentation outlines some recently developed tools for assessing ecosystem integrity, at both the stand and land-scape level. One tool, emphasizing round assessment of forest attributes, was developed as part of the legislated Ecosystem Based Management (EBM) initiative on coastal BC.

Another GIS/inventory – based approach utilizes laser imaging, detection, and ranging (Lidar) technology to help assess stand structural attributes. This work is being developed and applied in some TFLs on Vancouver Island being co-managed by Industry and First Nations. The two approaches are complementary and enable extensive assessments of large landscapes that can be further evaluated using the intensive ground-based approach. These tools have potential for being applied at the provincial scale to complement the on-going old-growth conservation initiative, providing a framework for developing a forest conservation strategy for the province.

About the presenter/authors

Allen Banner (presenter) and Del Meidinger are long-time forest ecologists in BC. They are both striving for that ideal balance between retirement and continued contribution to better understanding, managing and conserving the diverse forest landscapes of the province.