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Kira Hoffman

Post Doctoral Research Associate

Dr. Kira Hoffman is an ecologist, conservationist and former wildland firefighter who was born and raised in Smithers. Hoffman's research focuses on how humans have used fire for millennia to manage and enhance their natural surroundings. Combined with traditional ecological knowledge, she uses science to understand how present-day forests have been shaped by indigenous management techniques such as burning, fertilizing and transplanting. From field expeditions to historical photograph interpretation and contemporary satellite imagery, her methods also integrate a range of disciplines including botany, archaeology and cultural anthropology, providing new perspectives on how indigenous ways of knowing can complement scientific findings. She’s passionate about how people perceive landscapes, learn about their surrounding environments and connect to place. Kira recently moved back to Smithers and spends as much time as possible in the outdoors. She currently works an ecologist and affiliate Researcher with the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre. Follow her @kiramhoffman on Twitter or visit http://www.kirahoffman.com.