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Growth and Productivity of Western Redcedar in the Kitimat Valley

Project Reference Number: 2014-18

Project Status: Complete

Led by: Adriana Alemeida Rodriguez, PhD

Sybille Haeussler, PhD

Funder: Ministry of Forest Lands & Natural Resource Operations

This project is an Investigation of the effects of industrial pollutants on the growth and productivity of western redcedar in the Kitimat Valley.

The researcher will:

  • determine if the fastigiated growth form observed in the redcedar growing in the Kitimat valley is correlated with the concentration of fluoride, sulphur dioxide, aluminum, and mono-nitrogen oxides accumulated in the soil and in the leaves..
  • establish if there is a relationship between the growth rates in redcedar and the proximity to Kitimat industrial facilities.
  • identify if the proximity of the redcedars to the Kitimat industrial facilities affects the trees’ seed production and seed germination rates.
  • compare the leaf cell development between fastigiated and non-fastigiated redcedar trees.
  • investigate the physiological responses (gas exchange and water potential) of redcedar to air pollutants.
  • investigate if there is a relationship between the soil composition and soil structure with the accumulation of pollutants into the soil.
  • produce a final report detailing the results.

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