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Kalum LRMP Indicators

Project Reference Number: 2007-05

Project Status: Complete

Led by: Johanna Pfalz, Eclipse GIS, Smithers

Funder: ILMB, Service Agreement

There are four primary objectives for the Skeena LRMP Implementation and Monitoring Project (SLIMP):


  • Develop or update an implementation plan for each Skeena Region LRMP;
  • Report on implementation progress for each LRMP;
  • Develop a monitoring framework for the Skeena Region; and
  • Report on the state of the resources with each LRMP.


Last fiscal year implementation plans (1) and progress reports (2) were completed for 6 Skeena sub region LRMPs (Lakes, Morice, Bulkley, Kispiox, Kalum, and Cassiar-Iskut-Stikine (CIS)).  Completing monitoring frameworks for four of the LRMPs is the next goal for the program.


A Resource Monitoring Framework (RMF) is to be drafted for each LRMP area except for the Bulkley and Cassiar-Iskut-Stikine.  The resource monitoring framework will identify an appropriate suite of indicators for each LRMP area that address key resources (biodiversity, water, wildlife (grizzly bear and caribou), and visual quality) and are supported by readily available data.  Along with identifying the indicators, the framework will detail data sources, data quality, analysis requirements, methodology, and rationale and linkages to other processes.  Priority will be given to indicators for which targets have been identified.


For the RMF, a refined list of indicators is chosen.  The indicators requiring GIS analysis are those to be completed within this project.


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