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Modelling Stand Dynamics in Southern Boreal Mixedwood Forests - SORTIE/BC

Project Reference Number: 2003-04

Project Status: Complete

Led by: Yves Bergeron, PhD, Universite du Quebec

Dave Coates, PhD, Research Silviculturist, Ministry of Forests and Range, Smithers; Sybille Haeussler, PhD, Skeena Forestry Consultants, Smithers,

Funder: NSERC-UQAT-UQAM-Industrial Research Chair in Sustainable Forest Management

Recently there has been considerable interest in extending the scope of SORTIE/BC to northern, boreal and temperate forests across Canada.  The intent is to provide realistic and reliable simulations of the long-term successional dynamics of boreal forest stands following natural disturbances such as wildfire and insect outbreaks or human disturbances such as clearcutting and partial logging.  This project is being carried out to support the parameterization of SORTIE/BC for southern boreal mixedwood forests in eastern Canada.

Parameterization requires real-life data from the area for which the model is being calibrated.  In this case, data collected from a real post-fire chronosequence at Lac DuParquet  Research Forest is being used for comparison, and the model is being used to simulate light levels after a variety of partial cuts in uneven-aged hardwood forests in southern Quebec.  Smithers-based forest consultant, Haeussler, and data technicians working under the supervision of Drs. Bergeron and Coates, conducted the computer runs and statistical analyses.