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Morice Monitoring Trust - Year 2

Project Reference Number: 2017-11

Project Status: Multi-year/Continuing

Led by: Don Morgan, Bulkley Valley Research Centre and BC Ministry of Environment, Smithers, BC

Funder: Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

The Morice Water Monitoring Trust (MWMT) is directed through its Trust Agreement to be responsible for monitoring the implementation and effectiveness of British Columbia/Wet’suwet’en government-to-government agreements, and related natural resource management activities, plans, and policies in the Morice Water Management Area (the “Morice Plans”). Baseline data will be collected on habitat supporting salmon and other fish, including water quality and quantity data, and hydrologic integrity that would fill information gaps or reduce information uncertainty. This will provide credible monitoring research and baseline data results in support of environmental effects monitoring and assessment to enable continuous improvement of Morice Plans, resulting in better management of environmental values in the Morice Water Management Area (MWMA).

One of the primary purposes of MWMT is to gather baseline data within the Morice Water Management Area to determine if water quality is sufficient to maintain the well-being of the Wet’suwet’en (in relation to fish and drinking water).

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