Kira Hoffman: Grant & Fellowship
12/10/23 | What's New

This year, researcher Kira Hoffman has been awarded the Trebek Initiative Grant and the Wilburforce Fellowship.

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Welcome to our new website!
11/01/23 | What's New

After 15 years, we are excited to announce that we have re-designed our website! We hope you like the new modern design as much as we do. The website will continue to grow as the centre does.

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Abrupt, climate-induced increase in wildfires in British Columbia since the mid-2000s
09/05/23 | What's New

The compound effects of climate-induced moisture changes and altered fuels now force British Columbians to confront the harsh reality of more frequent years of intense and prolonged wildfire activity. Read the full article.

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How Indigenous Techniques Saved a Community From Wildfire
08/27/23 | What's New

A movement to fight wildfires by making forests more resilient and, in some cases, deliberately setting blazes is gaining ground in Canada. Fire prevention zones can help slow approaching blazes so that people can escape, and can also enable firefighters to gain control over some areas. Interest in the creation of these zones has increased recently, especially in Indigenous communities which are most affected by wildfires.

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2024 Annual Metal Leaching/Acid Rock Drainage Field School

Increase understanding of metal leaching and acid rock drainage by showing participants the tools, procedures and design requirements; providing an overview of the underlying science and vocabulary; and presenting examples of best practices.

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Into The Future: Long-term Recovery Goals for 5 Needle Pine
05/31/23 | Seminar Series

Francis Iredale is a Senior Species at Risk Biologist with the Ministry of Water, Land and Resource Stewardship. In his current role, Francis is coordinating the recovery of whitebark pine in collaboration with federal, ENGOs, and First Nation partners.

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